Bootstrap Theming

Bootstrap theming is a fact since Bootstrap published in mid-2010 by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a framework.

Today, thousands of webmasters using Twitter Bootstrap on their websites. Because developing mobile friendly websites is very easy and takes very short time using Bootstrap. There are even simple starter pages in Bootstrap's website. You copy&paste them and by filling in the page's content you can have a webpage in minutes.

But when it comes to build professional looking websites, either you must design it - takes at least a few weeks - or you use Bootstrap templates. As many systems like WP, Joomla, Osclass, free and paid versions of Bootstrap themes are available. And there are many developers who earns quite a lot by designing only Bootstrap themes.

If you want to be one of them, or if you want to design a theme for your website first of all, you must find right tools. Tools are very helpful. You can find our article titled Top Bootstrap Theme Development Tools

While making Bootstrap theming, the next thing to consider is following the latest technology. You must visit markets to see latest Bootstrap themes. You must check what kind of objects people used.

After catching up the latest technology, you must start planning your Bootstrap theme. To make it easy to develop or to not to forget anything while developing, you can draw your theme onto a paper as a scratch.

After you finish the steps above, download the latest version of Bootstrap from its website, copy the most fitting bootstrap codes from the examples here and start building your theme.

When your theme finished, if you plan publishing your Bootstrap theme free, don't forget to submit your theme to us. Good luck