Shards - Bootstrap Dashboard Theme

A free admin & dashboard bootstrap template based on Bootstrap 4.1.3

Admin & Dashboard
Bootstrap 4.1.3
May 21, 2021
Online Documentation
MIT License

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Shards is a high-quality & free Bootstrap admin dashboard template pack that comes with lots of templates and components.

Fully Responsive
Based on Bootstrap 4, Shards Dashboard Lite is fully responsive and capable to adapt its layout to any viewport size.

We followed the same practices when building Shards Dashboard Lite as the original Shards UI kit. This means that performance is excellent by adding a thin layer that’s only ~4kb mingz.

Well Documented
Fully documented components and features were one of the key points when building Shards Dashboard Lite so that you can focus on building your ideal product with ease.

Components & Templates
Shards Dashboard Lite comes packed with dozens of custom components and admin dashboard templates that you can use to kick-start your app.

Icon Packs
We made sure you can find the perfect icons for your app so we added the option to pick from more than 1500+ supported icons from both FontAwesome and Material icon packs.

Modern Design System
Stop focusing on the minor details! With Shards at its core, everything is designed and hand-crafted from scratch to look and integrate flawlessly, so you can focus on functionality rather than on how things look.

Source Files
Looking to get your hands dirty? Thats great! Weve included both SCSS and Sketch files so you can tailor the admin dashboard template pack to your own needs.


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