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You made an awesome software / theme / plugin and now it's the moment for you to write this damn documentation ? We have been there too ! DocStrap is aiming to provide you a simple, yet nice, documentation template. And guess what, it's FREE !

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Getting Started


Here, you may want to explain the meaning of the following HTML code. Or not.

							  <!-- We use Prism to display code -->
							  <p class="my-style">
								Hello World!
								This is some random HTML !


Just between us, what would be a good HTML code without an awesome, colorful, CSS code ?

							  /* We still use Prism ! */
							  .my-style {
							  	background: pink;
								color: purple;
								border: rainbow;


Yeah, JavaScript might be a bit frustrating, but damn ! It's so powerful !

								// Certainly the most useful Javascript code ever.
							 	alert('Hello world !'); 

Options Section

I have to admit, I'm lacking of inspiration for this "options" section.

Let's just copy/paste some Masonry JS options !

								// set positions with percent values
								percentPosition: true,
								columnWidth: '.grid-sizer',
								itemSelector: '.grid-item'
								// specify itemSelector so stamps do get laid out
								itemSelector: '.grid-item',
								// stamp elements
								stamp: '.stamp'
								// fast transitions
								transitionDuration: '0.2s'
								// slow transitions
								transitionDuration: '0.8s'
								// no transitions
								transitionDuration: 0

DocStrap License

This Bootstrap theme has been made by Freelance designer Thomas KIM at MeowApps for developers and is under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0)

Please, do something cool with this ! I know it's not a lot, actualy, but if you can save some times with it, I'm more than happy !

DocStrap is using Font Awesome, Bootstrap and Prism.

For any request or support, feel free to contact me, using the contact form on my website !

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