--- layout: oasis css: oasis nav: - name: home link: '/' - name: snippets link: '#section-snippets' - name: features link: '#section-features' - name: stats link: '#section-stats' - name: integration link: '#section-integrations' - name: customers link: '#section-customers' - name: contact link: '#section-contact' section-hero: title: Oasis description: Error tracking and monitor all your server status at all time. Prevent incidents and be efficient. image: "images/hero-phone.png" section-summary: title: Reliable Monitoring System list: - img: "images/summary-github.png" text: works on phone and all devices - img: "images/summary-cpu.png" text: free status page for monitoring - img: "images/summary-dollar.png" text: easy integrations and setup text: >- For some systems, latency and throughput are coupled entities. In TCP/IP, latency can also directly affect throughput. In TCP connections, the large bandwidth-delay product of high latency connections, combined with relatively small TCP window sizes on many devices, effectively causes the throughput of a high latency connection to drop sharply with latency.

This can be remedied with various techniques, such as increasing the TCP congestion window size, or more drastic solutions, such as packet coalescing, TCP acceleration, and forward error correction, all of which are commonly used for high latency satellite links. section-snippets: title: Easy tracking of all Your stats cards: - text: Health check on the latest selected time range stats: OK - text: The average ping up time of selected time range stats: 95% - text: Average latency in the selected time range stats: 19ms - text: Shows the average packet lost in selected time range stats: 0.1 - text: Error rate of bit transmission in selected time range stats: 0.02% description: >- Throughput is controlled by available bandwidth, as well as the available signal-to-noise ratio and hardware limitations. Throughput for the purpose of this article will be understood to be measured from the arrival of the first bit of data at the receiver, to decouple the concept of throughput from the concept of latency.

Choice of an appropriate time window will often dominate calculations of throughput. section-features: title: Features of Oasis description: TCP acceleration converts the TCP packets into a stream that is similar to UDP. Because of this, the TCP acceleration software must provide its own mechanisms to ensure the reliability of the link. image: "images/features-image.png" features-left: - img: "images/features-circle.svg" text: Performance issues such as throughput and end-to-end delay are also addressed. - img: "images/features-polygon.svg" text: Many systems can be characterized as dominated either by throughput limitations or by latency limitations in terms of end-user utility or experience. - img: "images/features-rec.svg" text: In some cases, hard limits such as the speed of light present unique problems to such systems and nothing can be done to correct this. features-right: - img: "images/features-star.svg" text: Other systems allow for significant balancing and optimization for best user experience. - img: "images/features-triangle.svg" text: A telecom satellite in geosynchronous orbit imposes a path length of at least 71000 km between transmitter and receiver. - img: "images/features-rec.svg" text: This delay can be very noticeable and affects satellite phone service regardless of available throughput capacity. section-stats: title: Stats on Oasis description: These long path length considerations are exacerbated when communicating with space probes and other long-range targets beyond Earth's atmosphere. stats-list: - id: stats-0 name: A/B Split number: A/B - id: stats-1 name: Crash Rate number: 89% - id: stats-2 name: Error reporting API - Uptime number: 100 - id: stats-3 name: General API number: 81rps - id: stats-4 name: Data Access API number: 93% - id: stats-5 name: Average Latency number: 1.98ms section-integrations: title: Trusted by logos: - img: images/logos/1.svg name: airbnb - img: images/logos/2.svg name: twitter - img: images/logos/3.svg name: eventbrite - img: images/logos/4.svg name: netflix - img: images/logos/5.svg name: google - img: images/logos/6.svg name: spotify section-customers: title: What customers are saying slides: - title: Oasis provides a robust synopsis of our service statuses paragraph: Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. image: images/customer-1.png - title: Oasis has brought clarity to our architecture paragraph: Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. image: images/customer-2.png section-contact: title: Ready to get started? description: Sign up here and our representative will contact you shortly. btn-text: Sign Up ---

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